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We are convinced that exceptional ideas and visions blossom when they are lived and supported by a community. Therefore, we at WARNHOLZ Immobilien GmbH make sure to provide you with the competence, creativity and service of a dedicated team. Whilst we work on the fulfilment of your requirements and desires, you will also become part of our motivated and determined family. Just sit back and rely on us to deliver with our usual passion and a smile. We give you the freedom to relax while our experienced team steers you through these exciting new times. Breathe deeply!

Our philosophy is not unfounded – it derives from years of experience and our deep roots in Hamburg and its surroundings. Here in Hamburg we have found our perfect spot on Earth. With perfect people to build a competent and efficient network. With perfect neighbourhoods to settle in. With the perfect conditions to sell or rent out living spaces. However, no matter how much we love our home, we always accommodate your questions and desires. That is why we are there for you when it counts the most. In the evening, on the weekend – simply any time you need us.

The famous Hanseatic sense of responsibility is our anchor, but we don’t limit the understanding of our profession to this rather dry virtue. We are: passionate when it comes to finding your dream space; ambitious when selling or renting out your real estate and absolutely discreet in carrying out our everyday work. Your wishes are truly our command. For a solution to be perfect, it must be as unique as your requirements.

Of course, we make our living in real estate and without closings we go nowhere. At its core, whether acquisitions or sales, letting or renting, the real estate industry thrives on successfully bringing together people who often couldn’t be more different from each other. And only through such successful meetings can a fruitful long-term success blossom. For you. For us. For everyone. Hence, we aren’t only passionate real estate agents, we are equally enthusiastic networkers – and sometimes mediators or even simply good listeners. Which leads us back to our initial concept: Everything ends well in a team! Especially when a keen sense for people and markets go hand in hand. This is what we stake our reputation on. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.