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Networking in southern Germany – EXPO REAL was a resounding success

Europe’s largest B2B property trade fair presented itself in its best light and we went home with the FLOWFACT Award.

Taking time to reflect, gathering ideas and inspiration, catching up with old colleagues, sharing experiences and information, and a whole host of networking. As the largest B2B property trade fair of its kind in Europe, EXPO REAL attracts visitors from around the world and has justifiably been an established event on the calendars of many real estate agencies for years.

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The best places to live in Germany

Countryside or city living, small town or big city; in Germany you are spoilt for choice. Many of us move into the next largest city which leads to rising rents within the economic hotspots. Which locations offer low living costs and which are the most affluent areas? Which regions offer the best quality of life, job opportunities, accommodation and open spaces?

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Real estate in Hamburg – a worthwhile investment for the future

In the wake of the recent banking crisis leaving numerous investors bitterly disappointed in the state of their funds and shares, the tide is once again making a considerable turn towards investments in real estate. The advantages of such investments apply to both those looking to provide for their retirement and to investors seeking to accumulate wealth. Since real estate offers a more stable investment than pouring money into risky shares or funds, it comes as no surprise that such purchases have become immensely popular.

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Why it pays to invest in German property

Low interest rates and stable economic conditions mean that even today investing in German property remains an excellent decision. Since the financial and euro crisis, German residential properties have enjoyed an international reputation as safe assets, with flats rented out on a long-term basis guaranteeing a valuable source of income.

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